This app will help you to practise the Alexander Technique during every-day activities like sitting, walking, running, computer work, driving, sleeping, music making and lying down in active rest. There are over 95 audio guides to choose from.

Have fun exploring…. and have fun creating new healthy habits for a lifetime!



Alexander Technique App, Pillar consulting Corp Version Iphone & Version Ipad

A handy, concise pocket guide to the Alexander Technique. Wether you are seeking enhanced performance skills, freedom from pain or personal transformation, learn about the basic principles of the AT and how the technique can benefit you:


HITE Alexander Technique Semi Supine App, Hite Ltd Version IPhone & Version IPad

Descriptions and talk through on lying down in the classic Alexander Technique semi supine position.



Awarness in Activity App, Maria Vahervuo, Version Iphone & Version Ipad

Reminder and motivation tool to increase awareness and embodiment. It can be used for self-development and together with body-mind techniques, such as AT, Mindfulness, Yoga etc...